Day 26 of Whole30 – Tricolour “Pasta”

So I’m definitely loving the whole carrots as noodles thing lately! This time instead of grating the carrots, I just used a regular peeler on them to make a long, wide “egg noodle”… Continue reading

Day 24 of Whole30 – Almost there…

Long time no post. Not sure why that is. I guess I’ve actually been doing some work for a change lol. That being said, there’s still been plenty of good eats around here.… Continue reading

Day 18 of Whole30 – Fish and “Chips”

Woah. My taste buds are like having a rebirth. Everything. Tastes. Sooo. Good. I also got the Whole30 book, It Starts With Food, the other day. What an awesome book! I never thought… Continue reading

Day 17 of Whole30 – Big Mac Salad

This is probably my best invention in the last few months. This LEGIT tastes like a Big Mac (other non-primal eaters have confirmed this!).  I know, I know, it’s probably a little contradictory… Continue reading

Day 16 of Whole30 – Steak and “Sidekicks”

So I’m finally posting STEAK here.  My blog should probably live up to its name lol. I also have to confess, one of my favourite non-primal staples sometimes still haunts me. Lipton Sidekicks… Continue reading

Day 11-14 of Whole30 – I survived!!!

WOOHOO!!! I survived 4 whole days away from home AND stuck 100% to the whole30! I even survived a potluck! I cannot believe that I can actually control what goes into my pie-hole.… Continue reading

Day 10 of Whole30 – Rethinking candy

I have found my new candy! Haha, yes, that’s what you think it is! I made some the other day for this recipe (SO GOOD!), and I just can’t get enough. I literally… Continue reading

Day 7 of Whole30: Weird dreams and zombie flies

Wholly eff what a day. Nothing bad really happened, I’m just being a drama queen. But it’s just been one of those days where the first world problems just won’t stop. I think… Continue reading

Day 5 of Whole30

Yay it’s farmer’s market day! How I’ve missed my beloved market! Everyone’s always so cheery and friendly there; I even got a stem of free basil lol. Being cute has it’s advantages. Basil… Continue reading