Hi, my name is Joanna and I love food. Hence, the unoriginal idea to start an amateur food blog. Yes, it’s been done. But I’m gonna do it again anyway. I also felt the need to clarify that the debate is over. Clearly, meat trumps BOTH chocolate and sex. Duh. (Okay… SOMETIMES sex and chocolate are good. But a big juicy steak NEVER lets you down. Especially, a yummy grass-fed one covered in butter!)

If you don’t know what primal is, check out Mark’s Daily Apple and read about the Primal Blueprint. You can also google “paleo” or the “Whole30” for more info. I really enjoy and respect Mark Sisson’s viewpoints on health and fitness and generally try to follow a primal lifestyle.  Being a huge foodie, I never would have dreamt that I could ever give up bread and pasta. Somehow I did, and it’s really changed my life. I lost a few pounds. Which was sweet since it seemed effortless even though I was eating delicious food AND pounding it down like a MAN. I feel like I also changed my relationship with food for the better – I rarely feel the guilt associated with food any more that leads to unhealthy eating habits. But mostly I noticed a lot of digestive issues lessen dramatically. I didn’t even realize I had a problem, until suddenly it was gone. All the bloating, gassiness and literal emergency* runs to bathroom were no longer a “normal” part of my life as they had been before. (Sorry, tmi, but I had to say it.)

That being said, I’ve never been severely ill from food and do indulge in some not so healthy foods from time to time. I choose to define myself as primal as opposed to paleo, since I interpret it as being less restrictive than paleo and more sustainable in the long run. I have nothing against “pure” paleo – if that’s your thing, that’s awesome! I like life to be a little more flexible and I feel primal allows me that. I really love the 80/20 rule as it keeps me sane, and free to enjoy life to its fullest. Some days you could say that I’m more “primal -ish” than primal. The fact is I do enjoy a good non-primal pizza every now and then. If you’re not into that – that’s cool, I also make a pretty awesome primal pizza and other “pizza-fied” primal foods (I am seriously the pizzafier!).

The point of this blog is for me to blabber about food, or whatever else I want; tweak and tinker with my diet/fitness and try to figure out what works best for me; make you jealous by posting pictures of awesome food I’ve made; and to share some of my own recipes with the world. I’m always primalizing** food, and I’ve noticed some of the stuff I’ve come up with hasn’t been featured on the inter-webs. So I decided I should probably share some of the primal awesomeness going into my belly.


*Check out Louis C.K.’s bit on eating and shitting (first few mins of video). This is seriously how I used to feel all the time. Lol it’s funny cuz it’s true! 

**Yes, I’m one of THOSE people who “primalizes” food. Some might say this in itself is not primal. Primal is about keeping it simple, raw, natural, blah, blah, blah. If you’re one of those people… why on earth are you visiting a food blog!?  You don’t need recipes if you’re going to be like that. To me the beauty of primal is how customizable it is, and how exciting it can be! Being a super foodie is one of the things that got me into primal. I was so excited to try new foods I’ve never had before (like spaghetti squash OMG!), and becoming primal wasn’t some sort of restrictive diet I was trying out, but rather a wicked food adventure that just hasn’t stopped!