Yay for primal pizza! Okay, maybe more like primal-ish. Probably this much cheese is unacceptable, but I accept it. I made primal pizza today to reward myself: the other day I went to a pizza party, but did not eat any pizza (I also did not touch the potato chips – my kryptonite). Normally when I go out I eat whatever, and I especially cannot say no to pizza. But my bf was at my place the other day and was feeling pretty sick. So I decided to be a smart girl and not eat any crap. So far so good. I have not caught whatever my bf had. This is not the time of year to get sick.

I ate some healthy fish and vegetables before I went to the party. Loaded up on my omega 3s and did not cave. I did have one small, social glass of wine (a fabulous Riesling – I normally hate Riesling) , and some nuts. Go me!

Anyways, this pizza was the bomb! (Woah, flashback to grade 5 anyone?? The bomb…lol). I used this recipe for the crust (I add garlic and pizza seasonings to the crust though. Also I make it as thin as possible and instead of baking both sides and then topping, I bake one side, flip it, add all the toppings, and then give it another 10-15 mins), and made my own sauce from tomato concentrate with some pizza seasonings. Of course I topped it with my favourites: caramelized onions, bacon, mushrooms and green peppers. The BOMB!

I was hoping to use up all my mozzarella to restart my modified Whole30 again… I ate almost 4 cups of cheese today. Unacceptable. lol.

I seriously ate all but two pieces of this. Yes, that’s 10 pieces of pizza.