Whole30 Grains Reintroduction Results

So I kind of messed up the last few days. My grain reintroduction was not exactly controlled… at least not after the end of day 1. Long story short, grains immediately made me feel crappy so then I finished my ice cream lol and had some other dairy also. So day 2 and 3 weren’t really legit. But honestly I don’t care. I’m not putting grains back in and was never planning to. The main reason I wanted to do a grain reintroduction is because they seem to be the hardest to avoid when going out, so I just wanted to note the effects since eating grains here and there seems sort of inevitable to me.

Day 1

Breakfast: Had half a bagel with butter (not clarified).

Results: Nothing unusual actually. Felt fine.

Dinner: Pasta with osso bocco and tomato sauce… and a bit of¬†parmigiana on top.

Results: Almost instant bloating, acid reflux and after dinner I went for a walk and got a cramp. Lol, wtf I haven’t had a cramp… well since I stopped eating grains. All I was doing was walking, pathetic. Also felt tired and heavy. Anywho, other than that I actually didn’t suffer from any other side effects. So grains make me feel crappy, but not deathly. Lol they just make me feel like EVERYBODY else. Not really worth it.

Later that night I ended up having some ice cream. Not a lot, didn’t feel much different. A little better since the bloating had subsided.

Day 2 and 3

Like I said I ended up eating dairy these days. Mmm sour cream on top of primal chili. Maybe extra gas. Nothing too weird. Don’t care lol.


I don’t see the point in eating grains any more. I feel like I’m eating candy – there’s just no nutritional value there and no amazing flavour to miss. I perceive grains as empty calories now. I really regretted making the pasta actually. I immediately wished I hadn’t done it, and made zucchini noodles or something instead. Same (if not better) flavour, no crappy side-effects afterwards.

Grains at this point are about a 4/10 for me. Pizza is worth it, so are some home-made baked goods from time to time. But it’s like candy – not a food worthy of being a staple in my regular diet.

Here’s a healthy Whole30 approved salad I had to make up for my trangressions the last few days, lol.

Ingredients: Baby spinach, roasted pork tenderloin, apple slices, caramelized onions, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.