Whole30 Dairy Reintroduction Results

Warning: TMI ahead.

Please note that everything else I ate was Whole30 compliant, I’m just listing the dairy I ate.

Day 1

Brunch: Tomatoes and sour cream.

Results: Some funny sounds coming from my stomach. Lol guess my body was assessing the situation. Other than that nothing very unusual.

Dinner: Pizza salad with mozzarella and parmigiana reggiano.

Results: Maybe some extra gas. Possibly a bit of cramping. Unfortunately, I forgot to account for one thing in terms of my reintroductions… they’re kinda at the same time as my monthly visitor. Shit. So it was unclear to me if this was caused by the dairy, cuz it really felt like period cramps. So a bit of gas and cramps might be part of the side effects. They were not horrible though. About 4/10 level. And it might have just been the period.

Dessert: Ice-cream

Results: Haha ate too much of this. Definitely felt not as awesome afterwards. Not terrible either. Lol who would feel terrible on a sugar high?? But certainly up in gas. And just kind of funny feeling. I think more from the sugar to be honest. But it was good and worth it!

Day 2

  • Slept REALLY well, did not toss and turn as usual.
  • Woke up a bit later than usual. Maybe the dairy messed with my sleep hormones? I’m full of shit, so I don’t know. But these are just observations.
  • Had the worst morning breath ever. Dairy or sugar binge last night???
  • Otherwise felt fine.
  • Also, had an awesome BM.

Day 3

Nothing unusual.


I feel pretty decent with dairy. At least what I tried. I’m rather suspicious of milk and cream cheese though. But I don’t really eat those any more and don’t miss them much, so I won’t bother. Do I feel 100% – no. But to be honest, there’s been lots of days like this during the Whole30, so I don’t see a huge difference. I do think I have better BMs with dairy though – maybe it helps up my fat intake. And it would be interesting to see if there actually is a connection between my dairy consumption and my sleep quality.

I feel about 7.8/10 when eating dairy. Overall though, including the deliciousness, I would rate my dairy experience at an 8.5/10. It’s definitely back in. But perhaps in more moderation, considering the hormonal side effects I am now aware of from the Whole30 book.

PS – The recipe for pizza salad was inspired by this recipe from Health-Bent. I used my favourite combo of pizza toppings, wilted a lot of spinach, and then melted cheese on top 🙂