Day 30 of Whole30 – I did it!

Photo credited to amanda28192.

Woohoo! Last day!

So I kind of did an introduction today. Not exactly legit, but not cheating either. During my Whole30 I also gave up caffeine, even though you don’t have to. I find it makes me feel off, so I wanted to see how I felt without it. Also I wasn’t quite sure if it was the caffeine, because I tend to drink black tea with honey and often with some cream. I was actually quite suspicious of the honey to be honest, but decided to cut it all out just to narrow it all down.

So today I had caffeine. But it’s kind of special. I’m had a COFFEE. I don’t actually drink coffee because it makes me REALLY sick, not black-tea-feeling-kinda-off-sick, but like my-day-is-RUINED-SICK. I’ve been reading the bullet proof exec recently and he’s got a lot of info on coffee and how its quality affects performance. So I’ve decided to find the best, highest quality coffee in town and try it out. I figured this was a good time, as hopefully this month has given my stomach some time to do some extra healing. I found that the coffee at my farmer’s market fit the bill. Also, the lady that runs the place was super informative and helpful. She knew her shit, and also recommended a coffee to me that makes her sensitive clients feel good. SO… here’s the results (so of which may or may not be related to the coffee):

  • It did NOT RUIN MY DAY! YAY!
  • I did NOT shit my pants! No stomach problems what so ever.
  • I felt kind of weird all day. Not sure what to make of this, it was not bad, nor good. Just weird.  This was a lot of caffeine for me, and especially with a month of no caffeine at all. I was not shaky (okay, there was one moment later in the day, when I was super hungry) just everything seemed sort of amplified. If I was excited, I felt really excited. If I was anxious, I was really anxious. When I was hungry, I was starved.
  • I did get a bit of a headache at one point. This may not have been due to the coffee though, but could be related. I didn’t have a big breakfast before I went to get my cup of coffee, and I wandered around downtown a little too long and got really hungry. So the headache was probably hunger. But not sure.
  • Considering I did not get a good night’s sleep (lol I was so excited to drink coffee I couldn’t sleep. Seriously.) my energy levels were pretty stable all day. Normally if I don’t get (or even when I DO get) my regular 8-9 hours, I pass out midday. DIdn’t happen today.
  • I was super, crazy hungry today. Not sure if this was coffee related.
  • Everything included, I would rate my coffee experience a 7/10. I didn’t feel amazing, but I definitely didn’t feel awful as I normally do when I drink coffee. And I drank a regular sized cup today.

All in all, I would say drinking coffee today was a success. I will definitely experiment with it more in the upcoming weeks since I’ve found a really good source. Also since this did go well, I will introduce dairy tomorrow (I wasn’t going to if I reacted badly to the coffee).

Here’s a picture of my awesome dinner today. I call this Yellow Fish. It’s yellow because it’s seasoned with tumeric. This is my favourite go-to fish dish. I’ll make a separate post for it some time.

Note: I did not take the coffee beans cup picture. This was taken by amanda28192, check out her Flickr stream!