Day 28 of Whole30 – Ribs let down :(

So although these ribs look pretty good in the picture, they were kind of a let down. That’s not to say they weren’t good – they just weren’t what I wanted; what I have been dreaming about for over a week… I’ve been craving juicy, GREASY pork ribs for quite some time. My pork farmer was missing from the market last weekend, so I didn’t get my ribs until this weekend. I’ve been waiting a while… and I bought a lot of ribs. I just wanted to eat ribs forever. Juicy, greasy ribs that is. These turned out… a bit dry, and LEAN. Gah like I’m on some sort of diet or something.  Needless to say my day was ruined, as my dreams got smashed and now I’m left with a lot of left overs for tomorrow of not EXACTLY what I had wanted to eat a lot of.

However, I DO have a plan of redemption for these left over ribs tomorrow. And let’s just say it involves butter and bacon grease… I AM getting my greasy ribs, you’d better believe it!

In other news, I’m almost done the Whole30!! I even bought some dairy today for my introduction on Thursday!!! EEEEEEE!!! Sour cream, mozarella, AND…. chocolate chunk ice-cream!!! That shit is sitting in my fridge. But I am holding out. Two more days…