Day 10 of Whole30 – Rethinking candy

I have found my new candy!

Haha, yes, that’s what you think it is! I made some the other day for this recipe (SO GOOD!), and I just can’t get enough. I literally went to bed last night dreaming about the things I could put caramelized onions on top of. I was planning on turning my left over coconut ginger pork from the other day into a a curry, and then putting some of the onions on top. I made the curry, but I decided I did not want to waste the onions being covered up by the taste of the sauce. So I ate them for dessert. On their own. Out of a bowl. With a spoon.

This is what the whole30 and no sugar does to you. You’ll foam at the mouth for some sweet onions. I’m not even ashamed. I can’t wait for breakfast. Ground beef and sweet potato hash with scrambled eggs and CARAMELIZED ONIONS on top!!!! Woohoo!

Anyways here’s a picture of the coconut cauliflower rice I had for dinner. It looks less pretty with the curry on top. Like, a lot less pretty, lol.

I also made my own chicken pate the other day! Below is a picture of what’s left of it. When I opened up that beast of a chicken, I found treasure: a neck, a heart and a liver! So I made pate with some dark chicken, the yucky fatty bits that got boiled (not the yummy skin I fried for chicken skin chips though:P), the heart, the liver and a few other things. It turned out pretty awesome for a first try! I think I over-did it on the nutmeg a bit though. But still quite nice! It’s based on the Polish pate I’m used to eating and it was pretty darn close. I’ll post a recipe some day when I perfect the proportions.

Oh yeah, look at me eating all my chicken parts 🙂