Day 7 of Whole30: Weird dreams and zombie flies

Wholly eff what a day. Nothing bad really happened, I’m just being a drama queen. But it’s just been one of those days where the first world problems just won’t stop.

I think it might be all because of this beast of a chicken I got at the farmer’s market the other day.

Crazy huge chicken

This thing is freaking HUGE! It’s bigger than my head; it’s so big I had to buy a new pot because I did not have one big enough. On the bright side, I have a new, ENORMOUS pot (I love new kitchen things!). Check this baby out:

Crazy huge pot

Biggest. Pot. Ever. Now it is full of waaayyyyy too much soup. Just another problem I have, lol how do I get rid of all this soup? Don’t get me wrong – it IS delicious. I do not have a pic at the moment cuz I’m so tired. All the pics up here I took earlier in the day before I was sick of this day lol.

Anyways I managed to slay the beast and have prepared about 5+ meals with it. I spent pretty much all day cooking which would have been fine and dandy if I weren’t being attacked by ZOMBIE flies! Yes, zombie flies. The chicken was insane, but what really ruined my day were the zombie flies.

Let me explain. My bf gave me one of those electric fly swatters. Thing is they shock the flies and they only LOOK like they’re dead. All of a sudden BAM! they’re flying again. It’s scary shit. I’ve got some sort of Jesus flies after me! (sorry, lol really not meaning to be offensive, been reading some bible stuff literature today. Zombie Jesus was on the mind!).

They’re sneaky though. They get you in ways you don’t expect. Like stressing you out so much that you cut yourself TWICE in the kitchen! Argg. Now I can’t wash my hair cuz my thumb is messed up 😦

In other news, the Whole30 is going strong. In fact that was part of what put me into my cooking frenzy today. I might be going out of town this weekend. So I wanted to prep some extra meals to take with me to stay on track at my bf’s parents’ house. It’s true, where there’s a will there’s a way.

I’ve also been having crazy dreams about ‘accidentally’ failing the whole30 and eating candy, or bread, or looking through a pantry of stuff that only ever has canola or soybean oil. Freaky. THREE nights in a row. Seriously lol! I laughed pretty hard when I found out this actually happens to a lot of people doing the whole30. Sadly, it seems that I have been accidentally cheating though. Today I noticed that my salt has SUGAR in it!!!

Sugar in my salt

WTF!! Oh man, I’m so sad. But I guess I’ll have to let it pass. I’m not starting all over again. I’m guessing it’s minuscule amounts since the sugar doesn’t come up on the nutritional info. I’ll definitely be careful about buying salt next time. *sigh*