Day 5 of Whole30

Vegetables from the market

Yay it’s farmer’s market day! How I’ve missed my beloved market! Everyone’s always so cheery and friendly there; I even got a stem of free basil lol. Being cute has it’s advantages. Basil is like crack to me. I walked by this man’s herb stand, and talked to him to see if he had cilantro. He said maybe next week. I left, but the smell of his basil plants made me turn around and come back lol. I didn’t want a whole bunch, just something for lunch, so he gave me a few stems. Haha I smelled that thing all the way back home. I saw someone catch me smelling it too. They must have thought I was a major weirdo.

Here’s my pizza omelet with the basil. Sadly, no cheese. But it was still pretty awesome.

Oh man I got so much awesome stuff at the market today. The next few weeks is gonna be some GOOD eatin’! I bought like… 14 lbs of meat or something! That was a lot of stuff to drag back – on the bus I might add. This is pretty much the only reason I need a car; to stock up at the farmers market. Instead I look like a crazy one-person caravan sticking basil up her nose.

Speaking of noses, you should have smelt my dinner today. I made that coconut ginger pork roast that was posted on the MDA blog the other day. OMFG. Even my dog was upset by it lol.

Coconut ginger pork

I made it with some coconut cauliflower rice. Surprisingly, actually my FIRST time ever trying cauliflower rice in all my time being primal! *Drool*