Lick your plate!

Buttery Lemon Tilapia with Vegetables

My house smells like buttery lemon! Heck yes!

So I’ve decided to start this blog. If you read my about page, you will see that I claim to be primal, not paleo. Ironically, I am starting this blog pretty paleo. Just yesterday I started the Whole30. So for the next little while things are gonna be pretty paleo around here.


I’ve been primal for almost a year. The last two months I spent at my parents’ house and worked really hard at staying as primal as possible. The experience taught me that I am super committed to eating primally, and I have been dying to get back to my own place so that I could eat clean again all the time. Since I survived my parents’ house where I was surrounded with tons of non-primal foods on a daily basis, I’ve decided that I’m up to the challenge of trying to go without dairy and added sweeteners (mostly honey). I’m also really excited for it, since just eating primally has been a challenge for the last while.

My first adventure today was clarifying butter! I figure if I’m gonna do this Whole30 thing I’m gonna do it right. Then I made the dish feature above using my newly clarified organic grass-fed butter (I used Organic Meadows butter).

My dish is based off of this recipe. But… I almost NEVER follow recipes… so I made it better. It’s very similar, but I only made 2 fillets, upped the butter, halved the lemon, halved the zucchinni and only used a quarter of an acorn squash. I also added half a small onion and a clove of garlic (fyi: I don’t know how to cook without onions and garlic). I sprinkled everything a few times (different layers of fish/veggies) with basil, oregano, tiny bit of time, and some dill. If you can make it ‘better’ – please do!

Please note the ocean of butter and lemon juices spilling over the plate! If you are civilized you will take a spoon and make sure you slurp up every last bit of it. Or you can be a slob and just lick the plate like I did. (Seriously, I licked the plate. Like for realz.)