One Pan Butter Lemon Dill Fish

I cannot stop eating this. Seriously. I’ve eaten this at least 4 times in the last week or so. I’m still not sick of it. Plus it’s super fast and easy. ¬†Which is… Continue reading


Yay for primal pizza! Okay, maybe more like primal-ish. Probably this much cheese is unacceptable, but I accept it. I made primal pizza today to reward myself: the other day I went to… Continue reading

Whole30 Reflections

Heh… so in the end my Whole30 kind of took a nose dive. Well at least after the grain reintroduction. After that fail I went to my parents’ house for almost a week… Continue reading

Whole30 Grains Reintroduction Results

So I kind of messed up the last few days. My grain reintroduction was not exactly controlled… at least not after the end of day 1. Long story short, grains immediately made me… Continue reading

Whole30 Dairy Reintroduction Results

Warning: TMI ahead. Please note that everything else I ate was Whole30 compliant, I’m just listing the dairy I ate. Day 1 Brunch: Tomatoes and sour cream. Results: Some funny sounds coming from… Continue reading

Whole30 Complete and Yellow Fish Recipe

    Hells yeah! That shit is done. Well, almost. Now I’m working on the reintroductions. Today was DAIRY. Sweet love of God, did I ever miss cheese! Today was a beautiful day!… Continue reading

Day 30 of Whole30 – I did it!

Woohoo! Last day! So I kind of did an introduction today. Not exactly legit, but not cheating either. During my Whole30 I also gave up caffeine, even though you don’t have to. I… Continue reading

Day 29 of Whole30 – Ribs Redeemed!

¬† Ribs take two was a success! I used almost 3 Tbsps of grease, and this time I had the rib experience I’ve been dreaming of! Sooo freaking good! Although, perhaps I was… Continue reading

Day 28 of Whole30 – Ribs let down :(

So although these ribs look pretty good in the picture, they were kind of a let down. That’s not to say they weren’t good – they just weren’t what I wanted; what I… Continue reading